Dr. Yee was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She attended Punahou School and several universities before deciding that the world would be her classroom. She has lived and travelled extensively in Europe and Asia and studied with many teachers and masters including Marion Rosen of the Rosen Method, Don McFarland of Body Harmony, Dub Leigh of Zentherapy, Rita Harrison of Willow System and Master Bao Fengyuan of Emotional Release Therapy. She received her Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine degree at the Oriental Medical Institute and University of Health Sciences in Hawaii and trained with Dr. Fred Lam in Bio-energetic Medicine. Her unique approach of addressing spiritual, emotional and mental imbalances leading to acute and chronic physical symptoms has assisted patients to understand and be liberated from their long held pain and unhappiness.

As a beekeeper and protector of the ‘aina, she is developing products and teaches methods to live in balance with self, others and the universe. Her name Melissa means “honeybee” in Greek, and this diligent creature whose life span is only 45 days, constantly works to protect and nurture her hive, the queen bee and thousands of fellow female worker bees.  Being mindful of this namesake and ‘aumakua or spiritual guardian, Dr. Yee would like you to reconnect with the sweetness of life and all its gifts.

Dr. Yee produces the television program Seeds of Truth on ‘Olelo community television Channel 54 as well as YouTube videos on important current social and health issues such as GMO, fluoridation, vaccinations and holistic dentistry.