DON’T Eat this Pork – 2 Articles

“ ‘Just Like Regular Pork’: FDA Grants ‘Investigational’ Approval for Pork Products Made From Gene-Edited Pigs” – Article

“Food Vaccine Scandal, Is Pork Still OK to Eat?” – Article by Dr. Mercola

[…] “In all, 223 out of 748 piglets – nearly 30% – had some form of adverse event, including 24 deaths. How on earth is this remotely considered harmless? And why have pork producers been feeding pork injected with these ‘vaccines’ since 2018?” […]

Do not Believe these Lies!!

[…] “ ‘Gene-editing livestock to quickly produce desirable traits for improved food production is a viable strategy for helping feed the planet’s growing population,’ the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said, but scientists argue the gene-editing technology involved has not been proven safe.” […]

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