gmoexpert New report on Monsanto/Bayer disinformation playbook

Dear colleagues,
I hope this finds you well! I wanted to be sure you saw the new report out from U.S. Right to Know, with support from Kendra Klein at Friends of the Earth US and Real Food Media’s Anna Lappe: Merchants of Poison: How Monsanto Sold the World on a Toxic Pesticide.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of documents released in litigation against Monsanto—and many more obtained in a years-long investigation by U.S. Right to Know—the report illuminates many details about pesticide industry disinformation operations, including science denial techniques, attacks on scientists, astroturf strategies, online domination of industry messaging, and other spin strategies companies are using. As I’ve shared with each of you, we see this work as an important part of a multifaceted effort to reveal industry public relations tactics and, importantly, to show how across industries, from pesticides to fossil fuels to tobacco, tactics are shared as are many of the same institutions and players.

With much appreciation for your work in the field, we hope you find this report helpful and that you might share with colleagues.

You can read an excerpt of the report here – about the many tactics Monsanto used to manipulate the scientific record on glyphosate.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or ideas for sharing this material. We will be releasing more excerpts at (please sign up for our newsletter if you’re not already!).

With warm regards,
Stacy Malkan
Co-founder, Editor
U.S. Right to Know

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