Hope in battle against transhuman depopulation agenda

In this interview with Silk, Ana Maria sums up everything she has found so far, i.e. the newest findings! She summarizes all the topics of her recent Substack posts and her international team’s research. So, watching this video is an easy way to stay on top of the development and the concerns, most medical practitioners do not address!!

The actual interview starts at the 9-minute point, and it ends at the 50-minute point.

Even right in the beginning Ana Maria’s “lone-wolf” authentic expertise position with her group of international researchers, among others parasitologists (this is important), is being highlighted.

Pay especial attention to the 12:30-min. point and other insights, of course.

This is so-to-speak a crash-course in matters at hand, discussed from many angles – physical, spiritual, and methods of support, etc..

Ana Maria’s recommendations: EDTA Chelation, Vitamin-C (high dose), Methylene Blue, Humic-Fulvic Acid as important support tools. Also essential oils (proven to be effective by research) and peptides. For instance, Epithalon, a peptide, repairs DNA.

According to Ana Maria: It’s a spiritual war. Our spiritual frequency is what counts. Raise your frequency! This high frequency is an armor; it protects you!

The technological platform for the various agenda-driven changes is being “built”!! So, what can we do? This question is being addressed.


Dr. Ana Maria’s Description:

This was a great interview with Silk. She gets it! I love her no nonsense, say it as it is – style.

We discuss microplastics polymers aka self assembly advanced bio sensing nanotechnology, my recent research findings and treatment solutions that help reduce the nanotechnology and rubbery clot formation in experiments and clinical practice and bring new hope in our battle against the transhumanist depopulation agenda.

This is a must see interview!

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