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Dr. Ana Maria’s report (first link below) starts with her findings on Budesonide Inhalation Solution.

Further down in her report she refers to the crucial scientific live-blood microscopy-research to test various products for their efficacy in actually removing

nano-technology from the blood.

Her findings are possibly surprising for some people.

We need to consider, when supplements are being recommended for removal of nano-tech, the recommended products/supplements may not have been tested regarding their efficacy on live blood by Darkfield Microscopy 4000x Magnification and how they get rid of nano-technology.

However, this is what we need to know.

Extracts Taken from the first Link:

[…] “People ask me all the time what I think about different potential treatment solutions that other people recommend. The recent news that C60 or Foreign Protein detox works against nanobots is not so in my experience. I have looked at those supplements and tested them and saw no effect on nano/ micro bot activity. They were sent to me specifically for Darkfield microscopy testing and I have looked at live blood analysis after using them for several days. Similarly Nicotine does nothing against shedding. I have shown that in previous posts and shown with live blood analysis no effect on the nanotechnology.” […]

[…] “I am cautioning against people who quote some of our research and then put their interpretation on it that has not been verified in research and live blood analysis. That is not considerate to anyone who is seriously working to investigate this field and give it scientific credibility as to save our species – nor it is respectful to the people who sincerely are looking for treatment suggestions. It is not that I want to destroy hope for people, but I have seen many misled with claims that were not verified.

So far my top list of supplements that help the microbots and hydrogel production are: Vitamin C, EDTA, Methylene Blue verifiably so and you can find the many tests I have done on this substack. Antioxidant supplements certainly help to improve overall health and I absolutely recommend them – NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutathione etc. But to be clear, if you specifically look at the live blood and do the blood draw to look at rubber/hydrogel development, those are the ones that have tested to actually work. I still use Nattokinase for microclotting, but I have shown people who have been on it with no improvement in their hydrogel rubbery clots.” […]

Extract Taken from the Link (another article by Ana Maria) below:

[…] “If anyone tells you they have the antidote for this biological and technological weapon, ask them if they have proof of live blood analysis. Because if they don’t – they may just be telling you their wishful thinking. There is no universal antidote for this monstrosity. There are mitigation strategies that are reaching their maximum capacity, because recontamination occurs by just breathing. Everyone is shedding on everyone.” […]

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