In the USA, a decade of promises without commercialization

GMO : In the USA, a decade of promises without commercialization

Date of publication : 31 October 2023

In the USA, in 2012, the authorities decided for the first time to exempt a GMO from regulatory requirements. It was a vine genetically modified by cisgenesis, one of the new techniques of genetic modification. Since then, nearly a hundred “new” GMOs have been the subject of a similar decision. Paradoxically, a decade after this first decision, only six of them have been commercialized.

The European Commission and multinationals would have us believe that plants genetically modified using new techniques are present everywhere except in the European Union. They accuse European legislation of being too restrictive. In this article, Inf’OGM takes stock of the actual marketing of these plants in the United States. This country’s legislation is particularly open to GMO plants, and should therefore be the site of this massive commercialization [1].

Few new GMOs actually reach the market

Since 2012, 95 green lights for plants modified by combinations of new techniques have been granted [2]. But very few of these new GM plants have been commercialized in the United States. In terms of plant species, while the number of 95 may seem large in absolute terms, it conceals a huge disparity. Almost half the dossiers concern just five plants, most of which… => to read the full article, see

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