Nano-Materials & Essential Oils

“Understanding And Dissolving Building Blocks Of Nanotechnology: Review Of Microplastic Polymers Found In Humans And Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils -Dr. Hildegard Staninger” –


[…] “The toxic plastics have found their way into polymer nanotechnology components that are now found in the blood and tissue of human beings, fusing with their cells to create human Cyborgs. The reason why this paper is important, will become clear in future articles where I will deep dive into organic chemistry. The breakdown products of polyurethane creates cyanide groups that can bind oxygen and cause cellular asphyxiation. I will also show that genetic variability to degrade inert polyamide polymers can cause significant illness in the body, similar to Covid19 symptoms. Hence treatment will include detoxification strategies of cyanides, which includes methylcobalamin ( Vitamin B12) and Vitamin B2. Note that polystyrene that has been found in humans and the discussion of health effects that are exactly like ‘long Covid.’ Please also note the data of cancer risk increase and adverse effects on pregnancy outcomes. There are people taking silica supposedly to treat the nanobots. Based on below information, I would recommend against that.” […]

[…] “Along with the time-released or pH controlled release of specific nano delivery systems to be utilized in the pharmaceutical and medicine under the term ‘nanomedicine’ and ‘gene delivery systems.’ No matter, what it is called a plastic polyurethane polymer is still a hazardous material.” […]

[…] “Waterborne polyurethane-styrene with modified food starch has been used to make nanospheres and some forms of pebbles or gems. These later nanotechnology materials are used in the production of materials for weather modification and location intelligence surveillance. Nano pebbles and gems are the new breed of smart dust and smart crystal motes.52 Mankind is facing the Brave New World53 of the commercialization of these materials into their everyday life without the advanced nano materials being tested for health and safety concerns.” […]

[…] “ ‘Toxicological Effects from Exposure to Advanced Nano Materials.’ The use of essential oils and oil blends may be the only therapeutic means for individuals and professional health care providers to remove advanced materials, such as waterborne polystryrene based nano spheres that bind to nasal and lung cellular membranes as they reduce cellular respiration levels of oxygen in other organ systems. A simple 800 plus year remedy and effective non-invasive modality to be used, when conventional therapeutic modalities do not address exposure to advanced nano materials that are composed of mixtures of polyurethane and styrene composite materials. Here is the full paper, please find additional tables and information in it: “ […]

[the link to the paper can be accessed under the link above, and it is also in the attachment to this e-mail]

[…] “Final comments:

The above test shows dissolution of polystyrene, which was also found by the previously named study in human cardiac tissue. The protocol for detoxification based on below findings are the ingredients of Inner Solution ( Grapefruit oil, lemon oil and Cinnamon oil 2 drops each in a veggie caps taken daily.) Inner Solutions is no longer available, so I recommend people make their own capsules, 2 drops of each oil taken daily. Thieves is available. Additionally, Oregano Oil and Peppermint Oil capsules are also used for the detoxification of polymer plastics from the body. I am doing testing on vaccinated deceased blood clots to assess if these can be disolved after embalming. I also am doing several other tests with these essential oils in regards to live blood analysis. Given that they show activity against some of the plastics that are found in humans, this is a promising addition to our treatment arsenal. Further studies to corroborate effectiveness are underway. I wanted to share this important historical paper that has been backed up by decades of successful treatment of advanced nano-materials warfare ( Morgellons) and Targeted Individual victims by the Author, who is a world expert in toxicology and treatment of advanced nanomaterials.” […]


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