!*Polyethylene Nano-Tech in your Body

Polyethylene Nano-Tech in your Body

Beware of any more Assaults!!

“2007 Chemical Analysis of Morgellons Fibers Showed Polyethylene Nanotechnology. Pfizer C19 Bioweapon Polyethylene Glycol LNP’s Create Filaments And Micro Chips. Are They Related And Part Of WBAN?” [Wireless Body Area Network]



[…] “Dr Nixon posted some of the most compelling images that he ever took of proof that we are dealing with self assembly nanotechnology for the Internet of Nano Bio Things – meaning the total surveillance of human beings via the nanotechnology that is inside their bodies. This is not science fiction, but many computer engineers explain exactly how they have implemented this in the name of medicine and healthcare. One of the leading scientists in this field in the world, Professor Ian Akyldiz, has told the world that “COVID MRNAS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN SMALL SCALE BIO-NANO MACHINES” – Lecture by Professor Ian Akyildiz From Georgia Institute Of Technology “ […]

[…] “Summary:

If it looks like smart nanotechnology, acts like nanotechnology, is described in the literature as biosensor nanotechnology – maybe it is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology acts like a gas to skin, it gets readily absorbed, hence can shed from person to person. According to Pfizer documents, inhaling the air around a C19 vaccinated person can transmit the vaccine to the unvaccinated. Note, that the MAC address phenomenon is described in WBAN literature as well.” […]

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