Your Phone – Your Weapon to harm Yourself

Your Phone – Your Weapon to Harm Yourself

“The Effects of Pulsed Microwaves And Extra Low Frequency Electromagnetic Waves on Human Brains? Governments Routinely “Classify Information” Pertaining to the Manipulation of the Human Nervous System” – Article

[…] “In the year 1962 the American scientist Allan H. Frey carried out experiments with pulsed microwaves, which produced clicking, buzz, hissing or knocking sounds in the heads of people at a distance of up to several thousands yards. In his report, he also wrote that with the change of parameters he can produce pins and needles sensation or perception of severe buffeting in the head and claimed that this energy ‘could possibly be used as a tool to explore nervous system coding… and for stimulating the nervous system without the damage caused by electrodes’ (see this).

In other words, Allan Frey was on the path to finding the way how to manipulate the human nervous system at distance. This was quickly understood by the U.S. Government. For the next two decades Frey, funded by the Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Army, was the most active researcher on the bioeffects of microwave radiation in the country. Frey caused rats to become docile by exposing them to radiation at an average power level of only 50 microwatts per square centimeter. He altered specific behaviors of rats at 8 microwatts per square centimeter. He altered the heart rate of live frogs at 3 microwatts per square centimeter. At only 0.6 microwatts per square centimeter, he caused isolated frogs’ hearts to stop beating by timing the microwave pulses at a precise point during the heart’s rhythm (see this and this).” […]

[…] “For governments it is not difficult to pulse the cell phone signals in the brain frequencies and in this way manipulate the thoughts of their own or foreign citizens. The difference between pulsed microwaves and extra long electromagnetic waves is that pulsed microwaves can be targeted on one person (or the whole nation if cell phone signals are pulsed in brain frequencies) while extra long electromagnetic waves, transmitted in brain frequencies, with their length up to 300 hundred thousands kilometers will reach brains in large areas. For sure so far the legislations around the world (except the Chile and Brazil) do not prohibit such actions to the governments or anybody else on human brains (for example Elon Musk is building system of 20.000 satellites around the planet and working on neuralink research at the same time).

Neurotechnologists around the world, who do not dare to disclose the national security information they had to sign, before starting research in the area, are calling for creation of legislations protecting people against such manipulations of their minds (see this).” […]

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