Chemtrails, NSA, Morgellons, GMO

Must Watch (Video 2:15 mins.)

“Bioweapons Whistleblower Dr. William R. Deagle MD In 2006 About Chemtrails, NSA And Military Involvement, Morgellons, Genetic Modification And Mind Control – by ANA MARIA MIHALCEA, MD, PHD

[…] “In this brief excerpt from 2006 Dr William Deagle speaks about Chemtrails and is a confirmation of many topics I have been speaking about:

Barium salts are 10000x more toxic to humans than lead. Chemtrails contain mycobacteria, viruses, Pseudomonas bacteria, human plasma.

Dr Deagle was the doctor of the pilots from the NSA and Fort Carson who were flying these aircraft where they were spraying this from the airplanes.

Also in the chemtrails are Morgellons – silicon based nano machine life forms that do not originate on planet earth… this is a silicon based life form that is intelligent like bee’s or ants and it fights back. Conversion of the atmosphere to a plasma for weather modification, geo tectonic warfare, scalar mind control technologies, the woodpecker, which has been discovered in the 70’s, HAARP, the tetra system in the United Kingdom, the Gwenn towers (The Ground Wave Emergency Network was a command and control communications system intended for use by the United States government to facilitate military communications before, during and after a nuclear war) in the United States and the Iridium Satellite system connected to the cell towers and smart highways is all based on not only a signal to track you, but Nokia, which is one of the leading cell companies has figured out a new way to cut down increasing the amount of signal by 3-5 times as many cell phones in the same area by beaming the signal directly to you. But it can also, besides the cell signal they can have a bio-coded signal to your DNA to affect your physiology and insert thoughts into your mind. And they have this technology today.’ “ […]

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